Direct Deposit - Payroll Deduction

  • Direct Deposit - Provide the America's First Netword Credit Union's Routing and Transit Number: 211192309 and your account number to have funds automatically deposited into your account

  • Payroll Deduction - If your are employed by the Town of East Hartford, you can decide on the amount you want sent to the Credit Union

  • Direct Deposit or Payroll Deduction can be distributed to savings, checking, club accounts, loan(s) and other accounts

ATM/VISA Debit Cards

  • No surcharge fee at ATMs on the Allpoint Network (

  • EMV Chip Protection makes it nearly impossible for fraudsters to reporduce your card

  • Download the iPay feature on your Apple or Samsung mobile device to be able to make purchases at many retailers using your mobile device instead of your ATM Debit card

  • Call 866-842-5208

    • Option 1 for Lost or Stolen cards

    • Options 2 to report Fraud, or return a call from "Fraud Prevention Services"  related to suspious activity 

    • Option 3 to Activate your card

Online Banking

  • Call 860-291-0345 to request an "Online Banking Authorization" form. When the Credit Union receives your form, a letter will be sent instructing you how to obtain a Password and access your account.


  • Go to and click on ONLINE BANKING.  Enter your User ID and Password. Once in your account, click on CU SERVICES and select E-MAIL PREFERENCES. When you are on the Account E-Mail screen, click on "+ADD" and follow the prompts.
  • You will start receiving your regular statements and VISA statements (if applicable).  The last two years of statements will now be available to you.

Bill Pay

Mobile Banking

  • From your PC, go to, click on "Mobile Phone Access", click on "App Store" or "Google Play"
  • You can use the Bill Pay feature once payees are setup on a PC
  • To use deposit checks, call 860-291-0345 for your agreement and to activate your Remote Deposit
  • Write "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY" on back of check being deposited using Mobile Banking

Audio Response

  • Dial (860) 289-4695
  • Enter your 9 digit account number, starting with a 2. Example: 200012345

Money Orders

  • $2.00 per Money Order