Notice of Special Meeting

 for East Hartford Federal Credit Union's Members

on Proposal to Merger  

On September 29, 2016 the Board of Directors of East Hartford Federal Credit Union approved a proposition to join a network credit union system through a merger with America's First Network Credit Union. A Special Meeting for Members will be held at the Community Cultural Center, 50 Chapman Place, East Hartford, CT 06108 on February 17, 2017 at 5:00 pm.


Vehicles 2014 -2018
(includes motorcycles)

Term               *APR

1 - 5 Years      1.99%

6 Years           2.49%

7 Years           3.99%


Boats - Add 2% to Vehicle Rates - up to 5 years

Recreational Vehicles - Add 2% to Vehicles Rates



Debt Consolidation Loan

 Term                        *APR

1 Year                      2.99%

2-3 Years                 3.99%

4-5 Years                 4.99%

6 Years                     5.99%

Pay off debts

Payable to creditors

Can add to existing EHFCU "Debt Consolidation Loan"

but excludes other EHFCU loans including VISA

Maximum Unsecured $18,000 for 6 years


APR includes .25% discount with automatic monthly transfers

Rate maybe higher based on credit history

Rates are subject to change

Not responsible for typographical errors

*APR - Annual Percentage Rate